Little Rock, AR
Tommorow is our first dodgeball tournament! See our promotions page for more info.

Park Photos

  • Dodgeball
  • Birthday Parties
    Birthday Parties
  • Altitude ready for Santa
    Altitude ready for Santa
  • Best of The Best
    Best of The Best
  • Character Day
    Character Day
  • Food Drive @ Altitude
    Food Drive @ Altitude
  • Angle Tree
    Angle Tree
  • Altitude-Arkansas Dodge Ball Champions
    Altitude-Arkansas Dodge Ball Champions
  • Antioch Baptist Youth Group
    Antioch Baptist Youth Group
  • Haunted House @ Altitude
    Haunted House @ Altitude
  • Fitness Classes @ Altitude
    Fitness Classes @ Altitude
  • Toddler Time M-F 10am-1pm
    Toddler Time M-F 10am-1pm
  • Teen Night
    Teen Night
  • Memory Verse Monday
    Memory Verse Monday
  • Party Day
    Party Day
  • Check In
    Check In
  • Check In @ Park
    Check In @ Park
  • Concession
  • Party Area
    Party Area
  • Party Days
    Party Days
  • 3D Dodgeball
    3D Dodgeball
  • Dunk Fest
    Dunk Fest
  • Dunking
  • Foam Pit
    Foam Pit