14 health benefits of trampoline exercise

14 Health Benefits of Trampoline Exercise

Jumping on a trampoline is more than just fun and games. Trampolines are also an amazing way to get physical exercise with amazing health benefits, whether you’re playing dodgeball, shooting some trampoline basketball, diving into the foam pits, or just bouncing around.

Here are 14 Health Benefits of Trampoline Exercise on the trampoline should become your go-to move. 

Looking for a fun and healthy way to get in shape? Look no further than the trampoline! Trampoline exercise has many health benefits, including improved cardiovascular health, increased muscle strength and tone, and better coordination. In this blog post, we will discuss the health benefits of trampoline exercise and provide tips on how to get started. So jump on in – your body will thank you!

Trampoline exercise is a great way to get your heart pumping and blood flowing. Just ten minutes of jumping on a trampoline are equivalent to thirty minutes of running at a moderate pace, making it an excellent cardio workout. Trampoline exercise can also help to improve your balance and coordination.

If you are looking to build muscle strength and tone, trampoline exercise is also a great option. The constant movement helps to work all of the major muscle groups in your body. And because you are using your own body weight for resistance, there is no need for any expensive equipment or gym membership.

So what are you waiting for? Get started today with trampoline exercise and enjoy the many health benefits it has to offer. You can find trampolines for sale online or at your local sporting goods store. And be sure to check out our blog post on tips for getting started with trampoline exercise. Happy jumping!

Trampoline exercise is a great way to get in shape and improve your overall health. If you are looking for a fun and healthy workout, look no further than the trampoline! Trampoline exercise has many health benefits, including improved cardiovascular health, increased muscle strength and tone, and better coordination. In this blog post, we will discuss the health benefits of trampoline exercise and provide tips on how to get started. So jump on in.

1. You’ll Never Want to Jog Again. 

It’s become clear that jumping around on a trampoline is not only far more enjoyable than jogging, but it is actually better exercise. A NASA study found that trampolining is 68% more efficient than jogging when it comes to burning calories. Your first thought might be “No pain, no gain,” but with trampolines, that’s not the case!

2. Your Inner Balance.

Trampolines are great for improving your balance. The constant bouncing improves your balance by triggering sensors in your inner ear to fire at a faster rate, causing your brain and body to adapt and grow.
Along with your balance, you’ll also see positive changes in your posture, coordination, and motor skills, making trampolining an amazing cross-training option for multiple sports.

This improvement can do wonders for other sports and exercises such as yoga and soccer (ask David Beckham about his trampolining regimen). Children, as well as those coming off of recent injuries, really respond and make strides in their efforts as well. Whether it’s for a trampoline birthday party, a family pick-up basketball game, or visiting the fun zone of Altitude Little Rock, we can help you bounce your way to better balance.

3. The Greatest Supplement.

Trampolining has an extensive list of medical benefits as well. If you come by to jump at your local indoor trampoline park, your bones will grow stronger, your immune system will improve, you’ll boost oxygen flow through your body, and your cardiovascular and lymphatic systems will get better. What do these changes mean? You’ll see weight loss, muscle gain, an increase in your muscle-to-fat ratio, cellulite loss, and a decrease in varicose veins. These benefits help make trampolining the greatest supplement to any other exercise you are doing. It’s low-stress, works out your complete range of muscles, and helps build up the major systems necessary for a healthy, active, and fit body.

4. The Rush of Endorphins.

Like any great exercise, trampolining also provides endorphins to the body to boost mental health and happiness. And while getting the motivation to push through a weight-lifting session or a long run can be difficult, the easy-to-approach nature of trampolining makes it an excellent way to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Want to hear something even better?
Trampolining is the perfect activity to do as a group, so gather a group of friends to bounce around and do tricks, play basketball, or join a game of dodgeball. You’ll be able to feel the benefits in your body and mind (and not the soreness in your arms and legs)!

5. Jumping helps in the increasing the density of bones

Consistent bounce back helps in increasing the density of bones and maintaining the mass of bone for grown-up adults.  It is useful in stopping osteoporosis. Bones have the capacity to become stronger under pressure & weaker when there is no pressure. Astronauts can waste up to 15% of the bone & mass of their muscles in just 14 days in space at 0 gravity. Bouncing back is the main strategy of NASA to help restore bones & undo osteoporosis in astronauts.

When you hop on a trampoline, the whole body receives the impact of G-force. Different from most of the other exercises, jumping toughens the bones & muscles without the dangers of injuries to weight-carrying joints, for example, the knees, ankles, hips, and back.

A young girl on trampoline

6. Jumping helps the body in detoxification

Hopping on the trampoline purifies your lymphatic system which helps in removing contaminants from the body. We exist in an unpredictable time when we are continuously open to large amounts of pollutants in environments &contaminants in our food, air & water. Good health is directly proportional to the ability of our body to remove these toxins successfully.

In contrast with the circulatory system which contains a heart for pumping blood all the way through the body, the lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump & is determined by movements of the body in order to circulate around the body. 

As we know that the fluid in the lymphatic system moves in an upward direction, the movements in the vertical direction by hopping on the trampoline are more efficient in pumping the lymph fluid, than exercises within the horizontal direction, for example; walking & running. Therefore, regular jumping helps the body in detoxification to keep an extremely running & youthful body.

7. Immunity enhanced by Jumping to avoid infections:

It has been shown that lymphocyte activity increased by an increase in G-force. Lymphocytes are specialized cells that help to defend the body against viral, and bacterial infection as well as destroy cancerous cells by invading them. White blood cells number triples by rebounding for ten minutes and remain elevated for up to an hour. The lymphocytic system plays an important role in the transportation of white blood cells throughout the body to boost up our body’s first-line defense mechanism. To remain healthy an active and strong immune system is necessary which helps the body to defend against pathogens and infections. The rebounding reduces the cancerous cells by detoxifying and immune-boosting effects. 

8 Role of Jumping in Enhancement of Digestion and gut health:

The digestive tract stays strong by jumping, as jumping increases the rhythmic up and down motion that stimulates the contractions and relaxation of muscles of the digestive tract. It also improved the process of peristalsis which helps the digestive process and absorb nutrients more efficiently. The nutrient uptake increases which increased one’s health and the body have the ability to perform a function such as self-healing, rejuvenation, and many more. However, the active relaxation and uptake of the digestive tract muscles reduced the chances of many diseases such as constipation. 

9 Posture and coordination improved by jumping:

Jumping on a trampoline helps to improve coordination and posture by stimulating our ocular nerves and inner ear canal. Regularly rebounding improves the body’s condition to react quickly which is very effective. Study reveals that trampoline exercise increased the ability of elderly subjects to recover their balance. It considers a big help because for elders other exercises may result in bone fractures and injury. A study in Australia found that rebounding on a trampoline significantly helps the athlete to keep balance. With the passage of time rebounding also improve spinal alignment which assists in relieving joint, back, and neck pain. 

10 Jumping strengthens eye muscles to improve eyesight:

Trampoline exercise also helps to strengthen our ocular nerves and eye muscles due to the effects of increased G-force on the body. In the world myopic rate among the young’s significantly high in Singapore and this condition reached an alarming condition in the East part of Asia continent. With the help of regular rebounding, this alarming condition can be controlled. Eyes muscles also need exercise as other body muscles need. Rebounding helps to restore the eye to its original shape and function. 

11 Jumping helps to increase lung capacity for oxygen intake:

NASA’s research studies reveal that trampoline exercise increases cellular oxygenation. The Human’s body most vital nutrient is oxygen. The circulation of oxygen increases by jumping which helps to retain our body’s energy. A highly oxygenated environment Is toxic for the anaerobic microbes, which means they can’t survive in this situation, and the body is [protected from the infections such as colds, flu, and other diseases.

12 Jumping benefits in weight loss:

Jumping helps to increase our metabolic rate and helps to keep us weightless. Our metabolic rate lasts elevated for up to 24 hours after the trampoline. Rebounding is enormously effective in calorie burning. It is a good exercise to include in our weight loss plan.  It enhanced lymphatic movement which helps remove waste and toxins and also aids to attain our weight loss objectives quickly.

13 Jumping role in mental capacity and mental health:

Frequently rebounding helps to improve blood circulation in the body. This allows an abundance reaching of fresh oxygen to our brain, promoting mental intelligence and attention. Cross-patterning actions on the trampoline, where movement done on one side of the body is repeated on the other side increase communications between two hemispheres of the brain. Trampoline exercise also tells a sense of well-being. It activates the release of the hormone endorphin “feel good” to lift our moods and promote confidence and self-assurance.

14 Jumping has a comparatively low Impact:

In contrast to some other sports, for example; jogging & tennis, jumping on a trampoline or bouncing has a relatively low joint effect for a high-effect, exhaustive routine of exercise. This is due to your vertical acceleration & deceleration soaking up by the pad of the trampoline, and it takes up over eighty percent of the blow; however hard surfaces for example, roads don’t have sufficient stretch to do this. It means that jumping on trampoline shelters your joints at the same time as working out your muscles.


As defined in this article, jumping on Trampoline has numerous health benefits as well as cardiovascular fitness. Dr. Dicken Weatherby said that the consistent usage of a trampoline can significantly improve our health. He recommended that his patients should jump on their trampoline for at least five minutes per day to improve their cellular oxygenation, make weak muscles & joints stronger, increase aerobic capacity, &most significantly detoxify & purify the lymphatic system. Jumping on the trampoline could be a response to those who need to carry on their fitness but they have fought with joint problems. Trampolines are simple and easy to practice, and most importantly they are a fun way to exercise.


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