Are Trampolines Safe? The Surprising Truth


Trampolines are a lot of fun, but are they safe?

Many parents are hesitant to let their children play on trampolines because they are worried about the potential for injuries. However, the truth is that trampolines can be safe if they are used properly.

There are a few things that you can do to make sure that your child is safe on a trampoline. First, make sure that the trampoline is properly anchored to the ground. This will help to prevent it from tipping over.

You should also make sure that your child is using the trampoline safely. They should never jump off of the trampoline onto the ground. Instead, they should only jump onto the trampoline from a standing position. And finally, make sure that they are not jumping too high or doing flips.

With proper safety precautions, trampolines can be a safe and fun way for your children to get exercise.

What Are the Risks Associated With Trampolines?

Trampolines are a popular backyard toy, but are they safe?

The risks associated with trampolines are well-known. Trampolines can cause serious injuries, including fractures, growth plate injuries, and concussions. In 2018, there were 300,000 medically treated trampoline injuries in the United States. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons discourage trampoline use due to the risk of injuries.

Despite these risks, many people continue to use trampolines. I am one of them. I have two young children and we have a trampoline in our backyard. I am well aware of the risks, but I believe that the benefits outweigh them.

How Can You Make Trampolining Safe?

Trampolines can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to use them safely.

The best way to make trampolining safe is to always use safety padding. You should also look for a trampoline with a safety net, as this will prevent you from falling off.

You should also check for holes, springs, a bent frame, and locked leg braces regularly. If you notice any of these problems, don’t use the trampoline.

Finally, make sure there is a clear fall zone of at least 8 feet around the outside of the trampoline. This will help prevent anyone from getting injured if they fall off.

What Are the Benefits of Trampolining?

Trampolining is a great way to get exercise.

Jumping on a trampoline is a great way to improve bone density and strength. It can also help improve balance and coordination. Trampolining is a good way to get cardiovascular exercise, which is important for maintaining good heart health.

Trampolining is also a great way to relieve stress. Jumping up and down on a trampoline is a fun way to let off some steam after a long day.

Are There Any Alternatives to Trampolining?

There are a few alternatives to trampolining that can be just as safe and fun. Inflatable pool toys can be a great option for young children, as they are low to the ground and often have netting to keep kids from falling out. Mini trampolines, or rebounders, are a viable alternative to traditional trampolines for rebounding exercise. Air Forts are trampoline alternatives that provide the same kind of active playtime.

What Should You Do if You or Your Child Is Injured While Trampolining?

As a mom, I want to make sure that my kids are safe when they’re playing. That’s why I was surprised to learn that trampolines can be dangerous. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children are 20-30% more likely than adults to be injured while using a trampoline and often require surgery as a result.

Children should not attempt somersaults or other risky stunts while on a trampoline. It is also recommended that only one person uses a trampoline at a time. Trampolines can be fun, but it’s important to play safe.

How Can You Find a Safe Trampoline?

When looking for a safe trampoline, always use safety padding. Look for a trampoline with a safety net that has no holes. Make sure that the springs and bolts are in place, and that the netting covers the entire jumping mat.


After doing a good deal of research on the safety of trampolines, I was surprised to find that the answer is not as clear-cut as I would have thought. While there are certainly risks associated with trampoline use, there are also ways to minimize those risks.

Ultimately, it’s up to each individual to decide if the risks are worth taking. If you do choose to use a trampoline, be sure to take safety precautions and always supervise your children.

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