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Why We Love Little Rock, A Big Thank You From the Altitude Staff

July 19, 2017

Why We Love Little Rock, A Big Thank You From the Altitude Staff


At altitude Little Rock, we’ve been lucky to serve an amazing and diverse community, and the best part about it from our side is seeing the looks on everybody’s faces when they’re having a great time. In a sense, you could say that it is Altitude’s core mission; making a little more room in people’s lives for fun, and creating a safe environment for kids to express themselves and get in shape.


So today, we wanted to talk about our favorite parts of serving you, Little Rock! We’re Quick read more or view full article talking about the parts that make us feel like we’re doing more than running a giant playground, the parts that we feel are important. Getting to know all the familiar faces who come into Altitude Little Rock has been so much fun, and we officially care about you even more than we did the first day we opened our doors.


So we’re saying thanks, but we also want to say it in a way that will show you why we care so much. We want to tell you about the most meaningful parts of welcoming the Little Rock community to Altitude every week. This is why we love being here in Little Rock.

  1. Tough Kids Having Safe Fun

Little Rock serves all kinds of people, and one thing that strikes us is that a lot of kids in certain parts of town, have to grow up tough. We get that, but what really warms our hearts is seeing a tough kid feel safe enough to let their guard down, and just be regular kid having fun. Kids should be kids, and as long as we’re open, we’re going to be a safe and supportive place for kids and teens.

  1. Offering Exceptional and Affordable Family Fun

Young families have a lot on their plates, so we really want to try and be there for you when you need a break. That’s why we offer so many weekly deals -- we try and have something in there that can fit in everybody’s schedule. When we see your family able to afford regular jump passes and play with each other, it makes us feel like we’re doing our jobs.

  1. Seeing Toddlers do What Toddlers Do

It’s hard not to smile when you catch a glimpse of our kids zone. Toddlers are just always so happy to be here and overflowing with joy, that it makes the whole staff here smile from ear to ear.

  1. Bringing Out Birthday Pizza

One of the funnest parts of hosting our famous epic jump parties is when we bring out the pizza. Y’all have been jumping non-stop and working up an appetite, and the looks on your faces when it’s time for food are PRICELESS.

  1. Seeing a Jumper Grow as An Athlete

One of the coolest things we see are the serious athletes. Jumpers can get pretty fancy with their tricks and moves, and we get to see those skills develop one bounce at a time. Y’all truly blow us away with your skills. We’ve got some serious athletes in Little Rock, and anyone who doesn’t believe us should just come on by and see for themselves.

Thanks Again Everyone!

We look forward to serving the Little Rock community for many years to come.


Got a jump in you? Reserve a jump pass today and stop on by. You are always welcome here!

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Ways An Altitude Trampoline Park Impacts Your Community

June 22, 2017
You may have enjoyed our hundreds of interconnected trampolines, maybe you’ve come over to Altitude for a bounce party or fitness class, but what happens at Altitude stays at Altitude right? Not so fast. Dedicated centers of play actually play an important role in surrounding communities, with benefits that -- frankly -- just warm the heart.
At Altitude, we really love showing everyone a great time, because we think it’s important and we love people. We don’t just want to be a destination, we want to be a positive part of your community. Afterall, a community that plays together, stays together.
So, we thought we would be good neighbors, and tell you a bit about what our presence in your backyard means for the neighborhood. Let’s take a moment to look at what research says about play centers.
We wanted to talk specifically about three key Quick read more or view full article effects that a center of play like Altitude has on its neighborhood:

1. Increasing Family Happiness

A landmark report on play demonstrated that parents associated having fun in playgrounds with the well-being of their families. What’s more, families living near playgrounds and visiting those playgrounds more frequently reported higher levels of happiness.

2. Reducing Seedy & Criminal Behavior

The same study reported that public facilities dedicated to play and youth actually reduced levels of anti-social behaviour and vandalism in their surrounding areas. In other words, the good vibes actually ripple outward from play centers.

3. Bringing People Together

Public space of play can also change community attitudes and break down barriers. Play centers actually improved relations between different ethnic groups, and led to better adjustment of kids into their respective community and school. Excuse us while we wipe away these tears of joy.
Ready to come over and meet your neighbors? Visit us at Altitude and let’s play together! Read Less
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Bounce Around at Altitude and Get Benefits!

May 1, 2017
Coming down to Altitude Indoor Trampoline Park is more than just fun and games. Trampolines are also an amazing way to get physical exercise, whether you’re playing dodgeball, shooting some trampoline basketball, diving into the foam pits, or just bouncing around. Here are 5 reasons why getting your exercise at your favorite trampoline park in Little Rock should become your go-to move. 
  1. You'll Never Want to Jog Again.  It's become clear that jumping around on a trampoline is not only far more enjoyable than jogging, but it is actually a better exercise. A NASA study found that trampolining is 68% more efficient than jogging when it comes to burning calories. Your first thought might be "No pain, no gain," but with trampolines, that's not the case! Hopping onto a trampoline at Little Rocks's Altitude means that 80% of the stress you would've felt on your legs from running or jogging Quick read more or view full article is absorbed as you bounce, allowing you to maximize your exercise while having the most fun possible. You'll be able to burn more calories and feel far less soreness the next day. Maybe you'll even want to jump right back into the swing of things!
  2. Your Inner Balance.  Trampolines are great for improving your balance. The constant bouncing improves your balance by triggering sensors in your inner ear to fire at a faster rate, causing your brain and body to adapt and grow. Along with your balance, you'll also see positive changes in your posture, coordination, and motor skills, making trampolining an amazing cross-training option for multiple sports. This improvement can do wonders for other sports and exercises such as yoga and soccer (ask David Beckham about his trampolining regimen). Children, as well as those coming off of recent injuries, really respond and make strides in their efforts as well. Whether it's for a trampoline birthday party, a family pick-up basketball game, or visiting the fun zone of Altitude Little Rock, we can help you bounce your way to better balance.
  3. The Greatest Supplement.  Trampolining has an extensive list of medical benefits as well. If you come by to jump at your local indoor trampoline park, your bones will grow stronger, your immune system will improve, you'll boost oxygen flow through your body, and your cardiovascular and lymphatic systems will get better. What do these changes mean? You'll see weight loss, muscle gain, an increase in your muscle to fat ratio, cellulite loss, and a decrease in varicose veins. These benefits help make trampolining the greatest supplement to any other exercise you are doing. It's low stress, works out your complete range of muscles, and helps build up the major systems necessary for a healthy, active, and fit body.
  4. The Rush of Endorphins.  Like any great exercise, trampolining also provides endorphins to the body to boost mental health and happiness. And while getting the motivation to push through a weight-lifting session or a long run can be difficult, the easy to approach nature of trampolining makes it an excellent way to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Want to hear something even better? Trampolining is the perfect activity to do as a group, so gather a group of friends to bounce around and do tricks, play basketball, or join a game of dodgeball. You'll be able to feel the benefits in your body and mind (and not the soreness in your arms and legs)!
  5. Rain or Shine? More Like Day AND Night!  The weather here in Little Rock can always be a bit unpredictable. And who wants to go on a run, or exercise outside when it's pouring down rain, sleet, snow, or is unbearably cold? That's why Altitude Trampoline Park is a fantastic option to get your exercise in year-round. Our climate-controlled facilities are amazing, during the sweltering summer heat, and the frigid winters. Not only that, but we have open hours throughout the day (opening at 10 AM most days) so that you can fit in your exercise at your time and leisure. Little Rocks's best and biggest trampoline park is proud to offer all of these services to our customers and hopes that you'll be jumping for joy at the amazing, easy, and enjoyable workout experience you can gain here. It doesn't matter if you're coming in for one of the best ways to celebrate a birthday party in Little Rock, Kentucky, or if you're heading into our trampoline boot camp. Get on the trampolines, and you'll be bound to feel how good it is to leap into better shape.  
What are you waiting for?! Make the switch and bounce your way to a better body. Altitude Trampoline Park Little Rock is excited to offer gravity aerobics and trampoline boot camp, and hosts tons of group events at your indoor trampoline home. Have a trampoline party, join a dodgeball league, or just walk right into the biggest trampoline park in Little Rock to start reaping the benefits of the most enjoyable exercise out there! 
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The Most Extravagant Birthday Parties In The World

March 14, 2017
How much would you spend to celebrate your birthday? 100 bucks? 100 grand? A million? Well, while some of us shrug and say, ‘what the heck? It’s only a birthday’ when asked what plans we have, the Perez Hiltons of this world are hiring the world’s most expensive planners to ensure to make that day will be fantastic. It would not be a 32nd birthday if the world did not stop to take note.

1. The Sultan is 50! – 27.2 million

The Sultan of Brunei knows how to have a good time. He is said to have spent as much as $27.2 million when he turned 50 in 1996. He did not just serve his guest's caviar and champagne, but he also paid The King of Pop, Michael Jackson $16 million to entertain his guests.

Brunei’s Sultan, Hassanal Bolkiah is no celebrity, but his parties have been known to top the Quick read more or view full article world’ most extravagant.

2. Steve Schwarzman – $20-25 million

60 is clearly a milestone that tycoons take seriously. On his 60th, Steve Schwarzman, philanthropist, and CEO of the Blackstone Group did not pinch pennies. He is said to have spent between $3 and 5 million to have his close family, friends, and influential people entertained.

That was ten years ago. This year, 2017 marks yet another birthday and guess who went all out? The Wall Street mogul is said to have spent between $20 and 25 million to host a lavish birthday party at his Mar-a-Lago estate, which is a stone throw away from President Trump’s ‘winter Statehouse.’ The guest list included the crème of the world’s VIP. Gwen Stefani and the Jersey Boys entertained the 600 invitees.

3. Elizabeth Brooks’ Bar Mitzvah  - $10 million

When David H. Brooks was still wealthy and famous, he made his then 13-year old daughter, Elizabeth, a very happy teenager. He granted her wish by flying in her favorite artists to perform at her Bar Mitzvah. Thanks to her diverse taste in music, Aerosmith, 50 Cent, Ciara, ad Steve Nicks were all flown in for the occasion on his company jet to dot on the young lady. How much did that cost? $10 million, but then again daddy could afford it.

4. David Bonderman - $7 million

They say everything is big in Texas; birthday parties included. It is not every day that one of the world’s richest turns 60. The equity titan spent a whopping $ 7 million to have John Mellencamp and The Rolling Stones perform for his carefully selected guests. Robin Williams was the comedy act.

Bonderman is known to throw extravagant birthday parties, and when he turned 70, he had a similarly star-studded bash. Paul McCartney was the surprise performer this time.

5. Andrei Melnichenko – 2 million

The Russian billionaire has a taste for the finer things in life. When he got married to former model Aleksandra Nikolic Melnichenko, he spent $4 million to have Christina Aguilera perform for the newlyweds.

On her birthday, he flew Jennifer Lopez in to perform at her party, which set him back $2 million. But then again, when you are a Russian industrialist, and on Forbes List of 400 great ones, this is pocket change, no?

6. Naomi Campbell -$1.8 million

It is not every day that supermodel Naomi Campbell turns 36, and so she had to let the world know she had arrived. The supermodel threw a lavish 3-day affair, renting all the 18 floors of the Burj Al Arab Hotel, and invited all her close friends to celebrate with her. Each of the three days was themed into ‘all white,’ ‘hip-hop,’ and ‘Brazilian Samba.’ That was some party, wasn’t it?

7. David Sacks Lets them Eat Cake - $1.4 million

Tech entrepreneur and investor David Sacks couldn’t let his 40th birthday pass without inviting folk to eat cake and make merry. His party themed ‘Let them eat cake’ cost him $1.4 million. But considering that Yammer, the company he was heading at that time, had just been acquired by Microsoft for slightly over $1 billion, it could have been a celebration of a new beginning. And life begins at 40, remember?

8. Sean "P. Diddy" Combs'-$3 million

The hip-hop mogul is known for his ‘all white parties’ that bring together the crème Del’ a crème of the music industry. If you aren’t invited to those, then you do not matter in the industry, or so it is said. Well, he knows how to show self-love. When he turned 40, the star made such a deal of his big day with a star-studded guest list, performances from some of the biggest names, and the world's finest white orchids which set him back no less than $28,000. Clearly, this party was a far outcry from his humble beginnings in Harlem.

9. Oprah Winfrey’s 50th Birthday

Some parties are so exclusive that the cost remains anybody’s guess. Winfrey, the queen of everything successful and one of the richest people in the world, celebrated her 50th in style. I mean, you can only imagine what it took to bring together Tina Turner, Stevie Wonder, Jay Leno, Dr. Phil, Jennifer Anniston, Kelly Preston, Maria Shriver, among others. If you are Oprah, it only takes a phone call.

10. Chanel Iman Comes of Age

21 is a big deal when you are a world-renowned model and enjoying success at a tender age. It means, among other things, that you are officially legal in almost every part of the world. Victoria Secret’s Chanel Iman could not wait to let the world know that she was coming of age in a lavish party that was the talk of the town for over a week.

11. Paris Hilton At 21

What to do when you are an heiress who just reached the legal age to access her large trust fund? You throw several parties in some of the most expensive cities in the world to celebrate in style. Spend a measly $75,000 per guest and have nothing but the world’s most famous chef serve catering to you and your kith. That is how you do it in Hilton’s world.  Read Less
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Pay As You Bounce!

January 23, 2017
Have you ever experienced the thrill of a Trampoline Park? A fun few hours bouncing is cheaper than you think!
We’ve collated all our prices into one article, so you can see just how cost effective a day at a Trampoline Park is! If you’re stuck for ideas for a day out, or if the weather is bad and you’d like to take a trip out somewhere, why not visit us here at Altitude? We have a range of prices to suit any budget.
Prices for individual jumpers range from $16.00 for one hour to $21.00 for two hours, and $26.00 for three hours. This is our most popular jump session price! For those of you who get hungry after your bouncing, we offer drinks and vending machine snacks too.
For parents with little ones, our ever popular Toddler Time may be the ideal time for you Quick read more or view full article to come and bounce with us. We offer sessions every weekday, from 10am to 1pm for just $8.00! That’s a whole three hours jump for a fantastic price. If you’d like to bounce along with your toddler, it’s an extra $2.00. A great way to meet other moms and dads!
We offer families a special ‘session pack’ (2 adults, 2 kids or 1 adult and 3 kids). For one hour, the whole family jumps for just $45. Families love bouncing together!
There’s ways you can get discounts on our jumping, too. On a Tuesday, if you tag us on any social media networking channel, you get 10% off your jump passes!
On a Wednesday, you can do 2 hours for $10.00 - as part of our ‘humpback’ deal.
College Night is every Thursday for students at the great price of $18.00. You’ll need to show your I.D, and the jump pass is valid from 5pm - 8pm.
Our ‘Friday Frenzy’ is just $20.00 open to all ages 7 and upwards. The jump pass is valid 6pm to 9pm, perfect to let off steam after a busy week.
Every Saturday, if you come in before 10am, you can take advantage of our Early Bird Special, just two hours for $10!

Saturday is also Teen Night. It’s just $20.00 from 7pm to 10pm, and is open to all teenagers, aged 13 and upwards. Come along and bounce with your friends for a solid three hours!
We also offer some special themed jump days at certain times of the year. On Valentine’s Day, it’s Date Night! Drop the kids off at Altitude Trampoline Park from 6pm - 9pm for just $20.
There’s a whole host of fabulous jumping activity days at Altitude. Bouncing costs less than you think!
Come along and see for yourself! Book online now. Read Less
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