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Bounce Around at Altitude and Get Benefits!

May 1, 2017
Coming down to Altitude Indoor Trampoline Park is more than just fun and games. Trampolines are also an amazing way to get physical exercise, whether you’re playing dodgeball, shooting some trampoline basketball, diving into the foam pits, or just bouncing around. Here are 5 reasons why getting your exercise at your favorite trampoline park in Little Rock should become your go-to move. 
  1. You'll Never Want to Jog Again.  It's become clear that jumping around on a trampoline is not only far more enjoyable than jogging, but it is actually a better exercise. A NASA study found that trampolining is 68% more efficient than jogging when it comes to burning calories. Your first thought might be "No pain, no gain," but with trampolines, that's not the case! Hopping onto a trampoline at Little Rocks's Altitude means that 80% of the stress you would've felt on your legs from running or jogging Quick read more or view full article is absorbed as you bounce, allowing you to maximize your exercise while having the most fun possible. You'll be able to burn more calories and feel far less soreness the next day. Maybe you'll even want to jump right back into the swing of things!
  2. Your Inner Balance.  Trampolines are great for improving your balance. The constant bouncing improves your balance by triggering sensors in your inner ear to fire at a faster rate, causing your brain and body to adapt and grow. Along with your balance, you'll also see positive changes in your posture, coordination, and motor skills, making trampolining an amazing cross-training option for multiple sports. This improvement can do wonders for other sports and exercises such as yoga and soccer (ask David Beckham about his trampolining regimen). Children, as well as those coming off of recent injuries, really respond and make strides in their efforts as well. Whether it's for a trampoline birthday party, a family pick-up basketball game, or visiting the fun zone of Altitude Little Rock, we can help you bounce your way to better balance.
  3. The Greatest Supplement.  Trampolining has an extensive list of medical benefits as well. If you come by to jump at your local indoor trampoline park, your bones will grow stronger, your immune system will improve, you'll boost oxygen flow through your body, and your cardiovascular and lymphatic systems will get better. What do these changes mean? You'll see weight loss, muscle gain, an increase in your muscle to fat ratio, cellulite loss, and a decrease in varicose veins. These benefits help make trampolining the greatest supplement to any other exercise you are doing. It's low stress, works out your complete range of muscles, and helps build up the major systems necessary for a healthy, active, and fit body.
  4. The Rush of Endorphins.  Like any great exercise, trampolining also provides endorphins to the body to boost mental health and happiness. And while getting the motivation to push through a weight-lifting session or a long run can be difficult, the easy to approach nature of trampolining makes it an excellent way to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Want to hear something even better? Trampolining is the perfect activity to do as a group, so gather a group of friends to bounce around and do tricks, play basketball, or join a game of dodgeball. You'll be able to feel the benefits in your body and mind (and not the soreness in your arms and legs)!
  5. Rain or Shine? More Like Day AND Night!  The weather here in Little Rock can always be a bit unpredictable. And who wants to go on a run, or exercise outside when it's pouring down rain, sleet, snow, or is unbearably cold? That's why Altitude Trampoline Park is a fantastic option to get your exercise in year-round. Our climate-controlled facilities are amazing, during the sweltering summer heat, and the frigid winters. Not only that, but we have open hours throughout the day (opening at 10 AM most days) so that you can fit in your exercise at your time and leisure. Little Rocks's best and biggest trampoline park is proud to offer all of these services to our customers and hopes that you'll be jumping for joy at the amazing, easy, and enjoyable workout experience you can gain here. It doesn't matter if you're coming in for one of the best ways to celebrate a birthday party in Little Rock, Kentucky, or if you're heading into our trampoline boot camp. Get on the trampolines, and you'll be bound to feel how good it is to leap into better shape.  
What are you waiting for?! Make the switch and bounce your way to a better body. Altitude Trampoline Park Little Rock is excited to offer gravity aerobics and trampoline boot camp, and hosts tons of group events at your indoor trampoline home. Have a trampoline party, join a dodgeball league, or just walk right into the biggest trampoline park in Little Rock to start reaping the benefits of the most enjoyable exercise out there! 
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