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Guide to the Ultimate Birthday Party - Food, Jumping, and Fun!

June 16, 2015
What is the best exercise in the world? Some might say jogging or Zumba. Others would tout weight lifting or bicycling. But the best exercise in the world is the one that you enjoy doing. It’s that simple. If you hate jogging for example, you won’t do it, at least not for very long; therefore it’s not a very good exercise for you. But what if there was an exercise that everyone could do and enjoy at the same time? Well there is! Jumping on Trampolines!
Maybe you grew up with a trampoline in the back yard. We had one in the gym at our school that we loved to jump on. Now imagine a gym full of trampolines! There is such a place. It’s called “Altitude!” Now you have a place to go that is climate controlled for your comfort, and loads of fun for your child Quick read more or view full article and his or her friends.
Do you have a birthday event to plan soon? Ever done one of these in your home? As you know when you bring a dozen boys or girls together for a birthday party, and you feed them sugar via cakes, ice cream and soda, you’re home may end up looking a bit different than before the party.  There is a better way. Why not bring the group to Altitude for a birthday bash? Let the friendly and well-experienced staff of Altitude take care of your next party including the entertainment.  For example: A party of ten is only $219.95* for two hours of exercise, I mean play.  (Don’t let them know it’s good for them).  
This package includes two large one-topping pizzas, ten waters, one table, a party host to handle the details, a T-shirt for the guest of honor, as well as a Free 1 hour pass for the guest of honor. Most importantly, it includes ten jumpers for up to two hours! Of course you can bring in your personalized cake, ice cream, goodie bags and anything else sweet. (No other outside food or drinks please.
Do you have a much larger group than just ten? Altitude has you covered. Altitude has a 20 person package for twenty guests! That’s four pizzas, twenty waters, two tables, T-shirt, Jump Pass and two hours of non-stop jumping fun. If you have an even larger party, each additional jumper is only $15 per person and extra pizza is just $12.95 each. So you can mix and match the exact number you need to make this next party one for the record books.
So take the headache out of planning and hosting that next party by scheduling it at Altitude.
Whatever your need for entertainment, call the folks at Altitude: 501.352.1281 or go here to reserve your time, and take the hassle out of planning your next group or couple event.  If you’re an organization or school group, contact us for discounts.            
*$100 deposit required
**$200 deposit required
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