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Why We Love Little Rock, A Big Thank You From the Altitude Staff

July 19, 2017

Why We Love Little Rock, A Big Thank You From the Altitude Staff


At altitude Little Rock, we’ve been lucky to serve an amazing and diverse community, and the best part about it from our side is seeing the looks on everybody’s faces when they’re having a great time. In a sense, you could say that it is Altitude’s core mission; making a little more room in people’s lives for fun, and creating a safe environment for kids to express themselves and get in shape.


So today, we wanted to talk about our favorite parts of serving you, Little Rock! We’re Quick read more or view full article talking about the parts that make us feel like we’re doing more than running a giant playground, the parts that we feel are important. Getting to know all the familiar faces who come into Altitude Little Rock has been so much fun, and we officially care about you even more than we did the first day we opened our doors.


So we’re saying thanks, but we also want to say it in a way that will show you why we care so much. We want to tell you about the most meaningful parts of welcoming the Little Rock community to Altitude every week. This is why we love being here in Little Rock.

  1. Tough Kids Having Safe Fun

Little Rock serves all kinds of people, and one thing that strikes us is that a lot of kids in certain parts of town, have to grow up tough. We get that, but what really warms our hearts is seeing a tough kid feel safe enough to let their guard down, and just be regular kid having fun. Kids should be kids, and as long as we’re open, we’re going to be a safe and supportive place for kids and teens.

  1. Offering Exceptional and Affordable Family Fun

Young families have a lot on their plates, so we really want to try and be there for you when you need a break. That’s why we offer so many weekly deals -- we try and have something in there that can fit in everybody’s schedule. When we see your family able to afford regular jump passes and play with each other, it makes us feel like we’re doing our jobs.

  1. Seeing Toddlers do What Toddlers Do

It’s hard not to smile when you catch a glimpse of our kids zone. Toddlers are just always so happy to be here and overflowing with joy, that it makes the whole staff here smile from ear to ear.

  1. Bringing Out Birthday Pizza

One of the funnest parts of hosting our famous epic jump parties is when we bring out the pizza. Y’all have been jumping non-stop and working up an appetite, and the looks on your faces when it’s time for food are PRICELESS.

  1. Seeing a Jumper Grow as An Athlete

One of the coolest things we see are the serious athletes. Jumpers can get pretty fancy with their tricks and moves, and we get to see those skills develop one bounce at a time. Y’all truly blow us away with your skills. We’ve got some serious athletes in Little Rock, and anyone who doesn’t believe us should just come on by and see for themselves.

Thanks Again Everyone!

We look forward to serving the Little Rock community for many years to come.


Got a jump in you? Reserve a jump pass today and stop on by. You are always welcome here!

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