Best Mini Trampoline Exercises

3 Best Mini Trampoline Exercises for Skiers

Using a mini-trampoline to tone up and prepare for skiing the slopes is probably the best possible workout routine that could be adopted. Here are 3 Best Mini Trampoline Exercises for Skiers. The benefits of a trampoline workout go way beyond just that of skiing, given the whole-body effect. The advantages are unique and many. It is convenient indoor/outdoor equipment that takes up little space, which also makes it easy to stow away. Anyone can do this form of low-impact exercise, making it a good option for any age. Following are some rebounding routines that can be utilized to optimize readiness for skiing.

Exercise Move 1 – Cross Country Skiing

This exercise is intended to mimic the movement of cross-country skiing. Start simply by shifting the feet forward and backward of one, alternating as you get a comfortable rhythm going. Naturally, the arms will be working as they would in stride, following the opposite arm and leg. When the right leg is forward, the left arm will also be moving forward. Repeat for one minute with one-minute rest periods in between. Repeat at least five times at a pace that is consistent.

This is helpful to work up the strength for cross country; an exercise that looks minimal but in fact requires a great deal of stamina. It is surprising how quickly the energy is expended from just a few minutes of cross-country skiing. Trampoline exercise is a great way to improve oxygen consumption and heart health. Maintaining these exercise levels without allowing the heart rate to come back down to normal is the benefit of a cardiovascular workout. Preparing for the endurance challenge will make snow day a lot more enjoyable when able to take it in stride.

Exercise Move 2 – Mogul Skiing

This one starts on the rebounder with the feet together and the arms extended out in front, chest high. Imagine holding the ski poles. Keeping the feet together, begin jumping and turning from side to side while in the air. Trying to turn on landing will cause undesirable results and possibly injury. During the exercise, flex the wrists in the jump direction, to mimic the movement of ski poles making contact on the moguls.

This may take some practice to gain the proper coordination, but that’s the point. Keep working on this one to establish the muscle memory of the movements. This way, mogul skiing will feel very familiar when it’s the real thing. This mini trampoline training improves coordination and agility while building strength and endurance.

Exercise 3 – Good Old Jumping Jacks

The jumping jack performed on a trampoline will work the upper and lower body while going easy on the joints. Start by standing in the center of the platform with your feet together. As you jump, move the legs apart slightly wider than shoulder-width while in the air, returning to the platform with the feet back together. Be aware of the limited space. Add the movement of the arms going above the head, hands coming together, and then back by your sides as you jump. Sets of 50 with one-minute rests in between repeated at least five times should do.

The essence of mini trampoline exercising is rebounding. The low-impact nature of the platform results in negligible stress on the joints and regular muscle toning that can assist in kicking up the metabolic rate. The random nature of rebounding works the special awareness that is needed to be a good skier. During jumping, the body works to find balance through fast, slow, and weightless movements. All the cells and muscles work in concert to prepare for and anticipate how to react to these conditions while improving a sense of balance and increasing stamina and energy levels.

Conclusion: 3 Best Mini Trampoline Exercises for Skiers

The mental and physical agility required to use the trampoline is the same that is needed on the slopes. The mini trampoline is not only the best overall body workout device for great health, but it is also a great way to get in shape for your winter sporting activities.

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