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Top 4 Best Trampoline Parks in Sioux Falls

It’s no secret that Sioux Falls offers some of the best things to do in the Midwest. This includes fun family activities like visits to our amazing local attractions or traveling out of town for an overnight getaway or jumping at our trampoline parks.

You want your kids to be having fun, but you still want them to be safe. With the increasing popularity of trampoline parks, it’s important that you learn everything you can about them before letting your kids jump on one. Trampoline parks are springing up all over the place; Sioux Falls alone has 4! They have a reputation for being a great way to burn off energy and let out some steam. It is also a great way for children and parents alike to build bonds

Are you looking for a new and exciting way to spend your time? Are you trying to find an activity that will get you outside in the fresh air and provide fun and entertainment for the whole family? If so, trampoline parks may be just what you’re looking for. For anyone looking for a break from the daily grind, here are the top trampoline parks to visit in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in no order.

1. Air Madness Trampoline Park Sioux Falls

Air Madness Trampoline Park which is located at 310 W. Industrial RoadHarrisburg, South Dakota has a variety of amazing activities such as the Zero Gravity Main Court, Air Time Dunk Courts, Ninja Course, Laser Maze, and much more. They also provide on-site amenities such as party rooms, food court, parents’ lounge, and nursing room.

Air Madness Trampoline Park Sioux Falls

You do not need to pay if you don’t intend to jump on the trampoline. You are free to watch others jump while making use of their free wifi. You should dress in athletic clothing that is comfortable to you and appropriate.

The cost of ticket depends on the length of time jumping.

  • 60 Minutes Ticket, you pay $1
  • 90 Minutes Ticket, you pay $21 
  • 120 Minutes Ticket, you pay $26 
  • 180 Minutes Ticket, you pay $31
  • Air Madness Trampoline Socks is sold for $3 per pair

2. Drop Zone Trampoline Park Sioux Falls

Drop Zone Trampoline Park is a premium choice recreation facility for the family! The trampoline park is suitable for children aged one and above.

Drop Zone Trampoline park is a new and premium indoor park and has added extra exciting zones to captivate the imaginations and attention spans of children of all ages.

Drop Zone Sioux Falls

Their facility which boasts of about 23,300 square foot also houses in addition to Trampolines, a Ninja Course, Laser Tag, Redemption Games, a Toddler Area with a Kangaroo Jumper, and a “Time Out” Lounge with a Golf Simulator and Golden Tee.

Their prices are cheaper compared to Air Madness Trampoline park;

  • 30 Minutes Ticket, you pay $8 
  • 60 Minutes Ticket, you pay $12 
  • 90 Minutes Ticket, you pay $16 
  • 120 Minutes Ticket, you pay $19 
  • Drop Zone Trampoline Socks is sold for $2 per pair

3. Sky Zone Trampoline Park Sioux Falls

Sky Zone Trampoline Park Sioux Falls which was completed in 2103, is a subsidiary of CircusTrix, the world’s biggest developer, operator, and a franchisor of trampoline and active entertainment parks, with over 300 sites worldwide.

Sky zone trampoline park sioux falls

Sky Zone Trampoline park Siouz Falls is ideal for birthday parties for children, teenagers, and adults. They can accommodate groups of any size and provide activities for all ages.

The fun activities they offer include Freestyle Jump, Sky Slam, Ultimate Dodgeball, Foam Zone, Sky Ladder, Sky Joust, the Warped Wall, Free Climb, an Augmented Climbing Wall, Sky Wars, GLOW and Sky Fitness classes!

  • 30 Minutes Ticket, you pay $9
  • 60 Minutes Ticket, you pay $14 
  • 90 Minutes Ticket, you pay $18 
  • 120 Minutes Ticket, you pay $21 
  • Skysocks is sold for $3 per pair

4. Rainbow Midwest Sioux Falls

Rainbow Midwest Sioux Falls, located just minutes from downtown Sioux Falls, encourages kids of all ages to come out and play at their massive indoor playground. No reservations is required!

You’ll have a great time climbing on their Rainbow Swing Sets, shooting hoops, and bouncing on the trampolines. Water bottles are okay for Parents, but food are not permitted in the showroom. You are free to bring snacks for the kids to consume in the dining area.

Always remember that at all times, adult supervision is necessary and required and before you will be permitted to jump on the trampoline, each person must complete and sign a waiver form.

The prices charged by Rainbow West are quite cheap and include;

Each young person will pay $8 but during school vacations and holidays the price becomes $10 per child.

One special feature by Rainbow West Sioux Falls is that children under the age of 16months can play in the park for free.

Conclusion: We’ve provided a comprehensive list of the top trampoline parks in Sioux Falls. If you know of any other places that should be included, please leave a comment below!

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