Jumping on a Trampoline While Pregnant: The Truth You Seek

Two months into my pregnancy, I wanted to go on a trampoline so bad. I had been reading about the physical benefits of prenatal exercise for babies, but I also have a history of miscarriage. My doctor recommended no activity over 30 minutes, so I knew the trampoline was out of the question. But what if you could do something similar? What if you could work your heart rate up without being too active?

No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen while you’re pregnant. It seems that women who are expecting have a higher rate of injury than the general population. That’s because hormones cause ligaments to relax during pregnancy, increasing your risk for injuries. One activity that might seem fun but could actually be harmful is jumping on a trampoline.

Prior to pregnancy, I am sure you enjoyed jumping on a trampoline and it may have provided you health benefits and also made your days happier but now that you are pregnant, you really want to know if it is safe to jump on a trampoline while pregnant, will it induce labor or lead to miscarriage of the fetus?

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You know you carry a baby and as such special consideration needs to be applied in every physical activity, trampolining inclusive.

Is it safe to jump on a trampoline while pregnant?

Jumping on a trampoline should be avoided completely while pregnant unless it is recommended by a doctor. You are not advised to trampoline while pregnant.

Can you go to a trampoline park while pregnant?

Of course, you can go to a trampoline park while pregnant. You can even take your kids while going but will it be advised to jump on a trampoline in a trampoline park? Nope

Why can’t you jump on a trampoline while pregnant?

Jumping on a trampoline while pregnant may causes excessive rocking to the unborn child and may lead to placenta detachment between the baby and the mother. While this doesn’t happen in all scenario, the likelihood of it happening for a pregnant woman trampolining is there.

Should I jump on trampoline while pregnant to induce labor?

We do not recommend you jump on trampoline while pregnant to induce labour. Having a problem free pregnancy is a blessing, why try to complicate it. Doing a mild exercise is advised during pregnancy but the risk of injury to the unborn child nd mother jumping on a trampoline is rather high.

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Jumping on a trampoline during first trimester pregnancy

During your first semester, your physique may not change although, the unborn baby is growing inside the womb. You may not even be aware that you are pregnant as first trimester is from 1st week of pregnancy to the 12th week of pregnancy.

The first trimester is particularly notorious in the life a baby as it is the period that is common with birth abnormalities and a significant fall from a trampolining can be harmful to both the baby and you.

Although your body doesn’t expand rapidly in the first trimester compared to other trimesters and as such, balance is less of a concern compared to other trimesters.

So can you jump on a trampoline while 5 weeks, 7 weeks, 9 weeks or 10 weeks pregnant?

Yes, if your doctor gives you a medical approval but if not, we strongly recommend you do not jump on a trampoline. Jumping on a trampoline may cause accident to both you and your child.

Jumping on a Trampoline during second and third Trimester Pregnancy

The body starts going through rapid changes during second and third trimester. The abdomen starts increasing in size and changing the centre of gravity of the body affecting how the body distributes weight initially. Any physical activity that entails rapid changes in direction, or bouncing on a trampoline may make you lose stability affecting how you land on the trampoline.

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The body produces a hormone called Relaxin during the second and third trimester in anticipation of childbirth. this hormone helps relax the pelvis and joints and as such makes the body more prone to injury and may impair balance and coordination. All these are required while jumping on a trampoline

So aside from failing, jumping on a trampoline may lead to greater chances of accident both to you and the baby leading to injury. In everything, always speak to your doctor.

Relaxin, a hormone that loosens your joints and relaxes your pelvis in preparation for childbirth, is released by your body throughout the second and third trimesters. Relaxin makes you more prone to injury and may impair your balance and coordination, all of which are required for trampoline jumping.

So no, you cannot jump on a trampoline while 13 weeks pregnant.

Conclusion: While you may have been able to bounce around on a trampoline when you were younger, it’s not as easy when you’re pregnant. As we mentioned in the article, we highly recommend that pregnant women stay away from trampolines at all costs. This is because there are just too many risks associated with them and it’s not worth taking any chances with your unborn child. If you have some tips or advice of your own for other parents-to-be, please let us know by leaving a comment below!

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