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Trampoline Safety: All You Need To Know Now in 2023

Trampoline safety is of paramount importance! There have been several news reports warning of the dangers of trampolining in the past few years.

Sure, jumping on a trampoline has its risks but so does any physical sport such as cycling, football, soccer, basketball, gymnastics, tennis, etc. Seriously, what do pediatricians and other naysayers expect of our kids?

Do they expect kids to avoid any physical activity and sit on the couch with an iPad all day in the name of safety?

It is important to understand the risks involved with any sport and take the necessary safety precautions to minimize them.

That’s why skateboarders wear pads and cyclists put on helmets! That’s why I supervise the young kids when they are in the pool! Do I totally ban them from cycling, swimming, playing ball, or skating? I think you would agree that is ridiculous.

So what are the measures we ought to put for safety?

trampoline safety

Trampoline Safety: Before Ordering a Trampoline

Sufficient Clearance Around The Trampoline

Check around, above, and under to make sure there are no potentially dangerous objects a user could accidentally hit. Things like large rocks underneath or a tree branch. If indoors or undercover, make sure there is no chance of hitting your head on the ceiling or other structures (beams, rafters).

Keep Within The Weight Limit

You should really check this before ordering a trampoline to ensure that it is rated for the weight of the intended users.

Safety Net Enclosure

Always order a trampoline with a safety net. This does not apply to mini trampolines for toddlers and fitness. This is a must-have to prevent children and clumsy adults from falling off a trampoline. Most trampolines are sold in a package with a safety net. If not, make sure you order one that fits your trampoline.

Trampoline Anchors

You can secure your trampoline with a trampoline anchor kit This is a good idea for added stability or if your area is prone to windy conditions.

Don’t Buy The Cheapest Trampoline

It’s not worth the risk. Get at least a reasonably priced trampoline with above-average product ratings or if you don’t mind the price, get a premium brand.

Get A Trampoline Cover

If left unused in the sun, snow, or rain for prolonged periods. It also helps minimize the need to clear and wipe dry after rain and snow.

Trampoline Safety: While Using a Trampoline

  1. Make sure the trampoline is set up properly: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and double-check before use. Make sure the frame, springs or elastic cords, pads, safety enclosure, net, and ladder (if any) are securely fixed.
  2. Having only one person jumping on a trampoline at a time is advisable. This especially applies to kids who get easily carried away in the fun and might bump heads or crash into each other. If you are standing on the trampoline to supervise or assist a child, make sure the trampoline is rated for your combined weight.
  3. Warn and check that young children or pets do not crawl under a trampoline at any time. You might want to purchase and install a skirt.
  4. Make sure the trampoline mat is dry before each use to prevent unexpected slips and falls.
  5. Clear snow off the trampoline as soon as possible as the weight can stretch the springs/cords.
  6. Occasionally check the springs, bolts, etc. to make sure they have not come loose or are severely rusted. Tighten bolts, lubricate springs, and order replacements as needed.
  7. If using a trampoline ladder, you can remove it to prevent young children from climbing up and using the trampoline on their own.
  8. It is not a good idea to use a trampoline outdoors in strong winds, rain, or snow! Duh!

Tips For Avoiding Common Trampoline Injuries

The “One at a Time” Rule

  • This is the most basic rule of trampoline use yet many have failed to follow it. Of course, we can’t deny the fun of trampolines along with friends and family but doing so is a recipe for disaster. If you’re a parent who implemented this rule for your kids, you will notice that they are probably crying their hearts out in their room right now. After all, it’s your decision that matters. No matter what the situation is, always enforce the one-at-a-time rule and save yourself and your kids from a trip to the hospital.

Safety Nets

  • If you’re looking for a way to keep your kids safe while they’re bouncing around on the trampoline, then you need a safety net. Most safety nets are made of durable material and can withstand even the most vigorous play. Plus, they’re easy to install and fit most standard-sized trampolines. A safety trampoline net is a perfect solution for parents who want to keep their kids safe while they play. The netting surrounds the entire trampoline, preventing anyone from falling off and getting hurt.

Soft Ground

  • To prevent the risk of injuries, place your trampoline surrounded by soft ground. Don’t place it somewhere surrounded by concrete or the next thing you’ll wake up to is a broken neck. If your yard doesn’t have soft ground, then you can invest in getting trampoline pads that you can place around the trampoline.

Damage Checkup

  • Trampolines wear down over time just like other common things in our daily lives. That’s why doing regular trampoline checkups is a must to prevent accidents in the long run.

Set Trampoline Rules

  • This is supposed to be the most basic thing to do but some people tend to overlook it. When setting up your trampoline for the first time, you should implement and enforce some safety rules for everyone to follow. Although it will limit the fun, safety first is something that you should put on top of your priority list.

You’re Not a Stuntman/woman

  • Don’t be too overwhelmed by those cool trampoline tricks you see on YouTube. Keep in mind that they are done by professionals. And since you’re not a professional, don’t imitate it or you’ll risk getting yourself a broken head.

Trampoline Ladder

  • Ladders can be useful, but sometimes not. Just like the frame, a trampoline ladder can also be your landing spot if you’re not too careful enough. Always remove it every time you go in for a jump.

Good Lighting is Key

  • If you want to get some trampoline action during the night, then make sure that the area is pretty well-lit. No one wants to do trampoline exercises in a dark place, right? You will increase your chances of getting injured if you do. Why not spend a few bucks and invest in outside lighting peripherals?

In Conclusion,

Trampoline safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to enjoying this activity. Be sure to follow all the safety guidelines, including those for installation, maintenance, and use. If you follow these simple tips, you can avoid any major accidents and keep yourself and your family safe while enjoying all the benefits that come with owning a trampoline. With a little bit of knowledge and preparation, trampolining can be a safe and enjoyable activity for the whole family.

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