How To Disassemble A Trampoline: A Guide That Will Save You Time And Money

Trampolines are equipment that we make use of almost every day. However, sometimes, they need to be taken apart maybe because of the weather or there’s a need for it to be transferred to a new position. While some people believe disassembling a trampoline is easy, most believe it’s a difficult process. However, disassembling a trampoline is easy for people who make use of the correct guidelines and might be difficult for those who don’t follow the right steps.

Disassembling a trampoline is the reverse process of assembling it but easier. However, disassembling a trampoline might be for a specific reason depending on the user. In some cases, it might be to enhance the trampoline lifespan or during winter seasons to avoid rust. As a trampoline user, disassembling a trampoline should be one of the things you should learn how to do conveniently.

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However, there are various methods of disassembling a trampoline but you need to know the right techniques to avoid making critical mistakes. Meanwhile, the method is quite easy but requires the use of basic tools and close attention to the steps. Fortunately, we’ll share complete guidelines on how to take apart a trampoline.

How to Disassemble a Trampoline Step by Step

  • Firstly, take the time to clean the trampoline and prepare where you’re going to keep it.
  • Take off the ladder, net, tents, clubhouse, and other additional accessories.
  • Untie the pads knots under the trampoline and remove the safety cover.
  • Remove the trampoline springs.
  • Then fold the jumping mat that’s already separated from the trampoline after removing the springs.
  • Dismantle the frame with either a power drill or Philip head screwdriver.
  • Finally, store the mats, rings, legs, and other outer parts in the trampoline storage box.

How to Disassemble a Trampoline Frame

If you’re familiar with how to assemble a trampoline, then disassembling a trampoline frame won’t be hard for you. The only task that’s required is to unscrew and unscrew. Here are a few steps on how to disassemble a trampoline frame.

  • Remove the screws with the Phillip head screwdriver or Power drill if you want to do it faster.
  • Detach the leg from the outer ring.
  • Then disengage the outer ring from the T-joints.
  • Finally, carefully store the rings, legs, and T-joints into the trampoline box.

How to Disassemble a Trampoline Ring

If the trampoline rings are stuck together, removing them won’t be hard. All you have to do is just twist each of the rings to make them apart. Meanwhile, you should be careful to avoid injuring yourself while doing so.

How to Disassemble a Trampoline to move

Meanwhile, you must not attempt to move a trampoline by yourself without disassembling it. This is extremely dangerous and might damage your costly trampoline. However, you can move it with the help of three or four persons and transfer it to a new position or anywhere you want it to be. Note that the trampoline should be kept horizontally and gently lifted with all connector points being wrapped to avoid separating while moving the trampoline. Meanwhile, you must disassemble it to be on a safer side if you want to move it to a few kilometers away.

How to Disassemble a Springfree Trampoline

Anything you’re doing for the first time won’t be swiftly so we expect you to find it difficult in your first attempt. Taking down a Springfree trampoline is easier and won’t take much of your time. Here are the steps on how to disassemble a Springfree trampoline:

  • Wear safety hand gloves.
  • Do not attempt to take it down alone if it’s a large trampoline.
  • Place a small mat or carpet on the ground to avoid staining your clothes while kneeling.
  • Then easily take off the joints one at a time.
How to disassemble a springfree trampoline

How to Disassemble a Vuly Trampoline

Vuly is an Australian-based company that’s known for making high-quality trampolines. Since 2014, Vuly has been making waves in the trampoline market and always ensures their trampolines are durable.

We strongly recommend disassembling your vuly trampoline when not in use to avoid sun exposure, unwanted users, or storm damage. Meanwhile, before that, ensure you already have a container stand-by in which to store all the trampoline pieces of equipment.

  • Remember to put on hand groves.
  • Remove the springs accordingly.
  • Keep your face away as you remove the mechanism.
  • Remove each net pole plug and the joiner pole.

Quick Note: Ensure nothing is placed upon the partially disassembled vuly trampoline parts to avoid damage.

How to disassemble a vuly trampoline

How hard is it to Disassemble a Trampoline?

It might seem complicated to disassemble a trampoline, but the truth is all you needed is just the right tools and direction. Disassembling a trampoline is not hard once you follow the correct procedures. Thankfully, our guide here will go a long way in helping you. Keep reading to discover the easiest way to disassemble a trampoline.

How long does it take to Disassemble a Springfree Trampoline?

The time it takes to disassemble a trampoline depends on its size. Meanwhile, trampolines with more springs take a longer time to disassemble, but since there’s an absence of springs, it’ll take a lower time to takeoff. The average time it takes to disassemble a Springfree trampoline is between one to two hours.

How to Disassemble a little Tikes Trampoline

Little tikes trampolines are specially made for kids and are supposed to be handled with care. Undoubtedly, they’re one of the most sorted trampolines because of the high-quality materials used to make them. However, disassembling little tikes trampoline after assembly will seem to be frustrating due to the numerous steps involved.

To disassemble a little tikes trampoline, ensure to wear safety gloves to prevent your hands from getting pincher by points. After that, remove the springs and frame just like it’s done on other trampolines.

How long does it take to Disassemble a Trampoline?

The time it takes to disassemble a trampoline strictly depends on the size of the trampoline. Normally, spring-based trampoline takes a longer time than spring-less trampolines. On the estimate, it takes up to 4 hours to disassemble a spring-based trampoline rather than the 2 hours it takes to dismantle a spring-less trampoline.

How to fold a Trampoline in half

To fold up a trampoline in half:

  • Make the trampoline face upside down and rest it on the ground.
  • Place your knees at the centre of the mat and ensure they didn’t cross the centerline.
  • Then put your hands on top of the frame and gently pull it up until it closes.

Trampoline Frame stuck together

A trampoline frame stuck together is a normal scenario while trying to disassemble a trampoline. You can loosen it by applying a lubricant oil then leave it for at least 10 minutes. However, if you don’t have much time to waste all you have to do is unscrew the top screws which now makes it easier to take down the stands by pulling up the ring.

Meanwhile, as you’re dealing with this, the pipes of the leg might be stubborn, just spin them away and they’ll easily separate from the ring. Then nothing much is left anymore other than the assembled ring only which you can easily disassemble and store in the trampoline storage box.

Trampoline Disassembly Tool

Having the necessary tools ready before removing a trampoline will make it much easier. However, you won’t have to spend again on these tools as most of them come with the trampoline on purchase. Some of the trampoline disassembling tools include:

  • Hand Groves
  • Electric Drill
  • Spring Puller
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver or Spanner

Hand Groves

While disassembling a trampoline, you should wear hand gloves to protect your hands and for better efficiency. Meanwhile, there are numerous types of hand groves but you should go for the one that’s strictly meant for working. However, you should go for a double-coated hand grove since you’re dealing with some metal objects that are sharp and harmful.

Electric Drill

Although not all trampoline needs an electric drill to disassemble, they can make the work much easier. However, if you always assemble and disassemble the trampoline, you’ll surely need to get an electric drill to make it easier for you. Although pliers and screwdrivers are trampoline spring puller alternatives, they’re not faster and easier to use compared to an electric drill.

Spring Puller

The trampoline hook or spring puller is a very important tool for both assembling and disassembling a trampoline. A puller is a handy tool that’s made from metal with a plastic handle for a comfortable handgrip. It also acts as a tool to measure a spring for replacement.

Phillips Head Screwdriver or Spanner

While disassembling a trampoline, some nuts are needed to be unscrewed from the frame. However, depending on the type of but, it’s better to have both a 10mm spammer and head screwdriver so that you won’t look for the exact tool while disassembling a trampoline.

My First Trampoline Disassembly

Disassembling my first trampoline

Since the day of buying my first ever trampoline, I’ve always admired its design, durability, and construction. Like most users, I can’t afford to pay extra bucks for additional trampoline disassembling tools which prompted the reason I decided to share what I’ve learned on how to disassemble a trampoline.

However, disassemble a trampoline is easier and takes less time than assembling one. Laying down a trampoline especially during the scorching summer heat or when not in use will increase its lifespan. Snowfall for example can cause rust to develop on the springs and is equally a threat to the mat as well. For so many reasons, I constantly disassemble my trampoline when not in use. Meanwhile, for safety caution, I always put the springs, netting, and other objects inside the trampoline storage box to avoid losing any.

How to take apart a trampoline (video)

How to take down a trampoline


As with every trampoline, not all are easy to assemble. For a variety of reasons, you might decide to disassemble your trampoline and keep it safe from deterioration and thus save some money. Anyways, always be cautious with the frames and springs and know that a careless disassembling might damage your trampoline.

If it’s your first time using a trampoline, you might find it hard to either assemble or disassemble, but either way, our top guide will surely make it easier for you. Also, we’ve listed the necessary tools that are needed for disassembling a trampoline which you can decide to get all depending on your purse. Always follow up with our page to get the best professional guidelines and reviews about trampolines.

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