backflip on a trampoline

A Step By Step Guide On How To Backflip On A Trampoline.

Backflips are a fun and special way of building body awareness. Once in a while, you may be tempted to make a move seeing other people backflipping on a trampoline, but before then you need to learn the skills and perfect them.

Learning backflip is somewhat difficult and complicated, however, it is not as difficult as many people think. If you’re a beginner or you are yet to master the act perfectly, you can cause serious complications by injuring yourself, this is why you’re advised to follow some crucial steps before moving to gymnastics for practice. 

To backflip, you don’t really need a special class to learn and perfect it, you can learn backflip under the instruction of a tutor, this could be a simple partner with experience, or you can also learn backflipping by yourself. All you have to do is follow the simple steps which I provided on this page.

backflip on a trampoline

Have you ever dreamt of doing backflips on a trampoline? If not, you’re probably wondering why I’m writing this. But if your answer is yes, then boy do I have the article for you!

Although the backflip is a very difficult move to master, it is doable with practice and dedication. In this article, we will go through all of the basic steps needed to successfully complete a backflip on a trampoline.

The first thing you need to do before attempting any backflip on a trampoline is to read this step-by-step guide.

Tips on how to do a backflip on a trampoline as a beginner

Before you start learning backflip, it is crucial to master some basic skills like backdrop, back roll, and front flip. By doing so you will be used to the act which will give you confidence while trying it out. You should also try to involve yourself in exercises like pullups and chin-ups to strengthen your muscles for a free body. Also, you have to work on your speed very well by learning how to time your movements and soft landing.

How to do Backflip on a Trampoline step by step

Step 1. Start jumping on the trampoline consecutively to prepare your moves, this involves going up and down at different heights. Backflipping is all about jumping up the trampoline and then throwing yourself to roll against the gravity and then soft landing. Unlike normal backflipping on hard surfaces, backflipping on a trampoline is very different, you don’t need to lift yourself as you’ll be lifted by the trampoline mats and then subsequently by gravity with the initial simple push.

Step 2. Doing a backdrop: This simple somersaulting movement involves falling down on your back and then bouncing back consecutively. You can start by performing seat drops and then throwing your legs over to make a simple backdrop. This will prepare you to have the momentum of going backward while doing a backflip.

Step 3. Backroll: To do a back roll, fall on your back on the trampoline, but instead of lifting softly roll back on your shoulder and then repeat that consecutively. During that process, you can add up with a sideway handspring and then a full-back handspring on the spreadsheet. This will help you to make a quick turn during the backflip and to know soft landing techniques like mastering how to position your legs and hands properly to avoid wrong falls and injuries.

How to do Backflip on a Trampoline step by step

Aside from that, you can backflip without going through all these aforementioned processes completely depending on your ability. The most crucial part of this is jumping higher and then making a complete round rotation, but in a backward direction and that’s a backflip, you only need speed and momentum with accurate timing and then the courage to overcome your fears.

Safety Tips on How to Make a Successful Backflip

  • If possible try to have an instructor coach you
  • Avoid moving your hands down in case you failed to make a complete rotation, you can easily break your hands by so doing, instead maintain a frog position on your back
  • It is more advisable to learn backflipping on a small trampoline, if possible you can visit a gymnastic with a widely spread trampoline to avoid falling back on a hard surfaces
  • Do not force in on yourself if you feel you’re not in a position to do it. You can practice for as many days as you want until you can master it.

How to teach yourself to do a backflip on a trampoline

Most people learn backflips by themselves, the only advantage of having an instructor is to help you with easy steps on how to do it and to help you calculate your moments. If you want to learn it by yourself there’s no problem as you can easily walk to any gymnastics and take a look at how they do it.

Aside from that, you can learn it yourself by practicing simple processes as mentioned above starting from seat drop, backdrops, back roll front flip, and then backflip. Make sure you follow the steps earlier.

How to do a backflip on a trampoline when you’re scared

I have seen a couple of people backflipping on a trampoline, but each time I make an attempt I’ll be scared away. How do I go about it?

Of course It is a normal thing to be scared if you want to backflip especially for the first time, even in some cases after practicing and assuming to have learned the acts perfectly, you may come in the following day and feel scarier and everything will seem so impossible. This shouldn’t be a big problem for you. Fears can be overcome, but one of the worst things is putting off what you can do simply because you’re afraid.

How to do a backflip on a trampoline when you’re scared

What happened on the first day you did it was that you were very confident and your hormones were set and prepared, probably due to the zeal you possess that very moment, so if you feel scarier the following day that won’t be an issue.

In either of the two cases, if you’re doing it for the first time or having difficulties doing it, then you can simply follow these steps:

If you’re a first-timer, what is likely to be your problem is the fear of how you can do it, you need to set yourself properly and work on your confidence. The only thing you need is to overcome your fears, do not rush, you can start little by little, and then subsequently you can start backflipping after a couple of attempts.

If you have been practicing for a long time, the only fear is what will happen in the process, that’s not a big deal, you should start with simple exercises like drills to build your confidence and then practice consistently, there is a saying that practice makes perfect.

How to do a backflip on a trampoline without breaking your neck

Injuries might occur while learning back flipping, these can not be prevented but they’re avoidable when you take proper measures.

The first thing that may lead you to break your neck while backflipping is incomplete rotation, and the other one could be a timeless back roll. To prevent either of the two, you should adopt habitual timely momentum (i.e not too much and less). Make sure you make a complete rotation each time you’re attempting a backflip or you maintain a frog position with your back in case of incomplete rotation.

How to do a backflip on a small trampoline

Trampolines are of different sizes, the size of the trampoline by mere sight can discourage you from learning, although it doesn’t matter especially if you perfect the acts properly. What you are supposed to do is try to make adequate timing. Calculate your momentum in order to make a soft landing. It is important to have an instructor around you to monitor your movements like where you are to stand, how to position yourself and where exactly you should land.  Set up your trampoline correctly with the safety net erect and tight to catch you in case you fall out of the jumping zone.

How to teach a kid to do backflip on a trampoline

Often, kids tend to learn faster than adults, especially in enjoyable exercises like backflipping. To teach kids, you are serving as an instructor therefore you should be careful while they learn.

Unlike adults, kids have enough time and the flexibility to learn so you should start by teaching them simple techniques like Tuck Jump, Pike Jump, and Spin, and then subsequently to more advanced ones like Front flips. After mastering these techniques then you can coach them to attempt backflip. Kids are vulnerable to committing mistakes so be understandable and do not rush them.

How long does it take to learn back flipping?

There’s no specific time frame as long as you’re consistent you’ll learn it perfectly. If you’re starting as a beginner who hasn’t learned basic skills like backdrop, back roll, and front flip, it may take more time to learn than someone who’s only attempting a backflip. Unlike the latter, you need to take time and learn these skills before advancing to backflip.

Even after learning, it is advisable to keep on practicing to perfect it and then to boost your confidence each time you want to do it, even after decades of performing. So you see the amount of dedication you give matters a lot.

FAQ about Backflipping on a Trampoline

Do trampoline parks teach how to backflip?

Yes, some trampoline parks teach how to backflips.

How long does it take to master a backflip 360 on a trampoline?

It depends on your learning capability. Truly speaking, if you are good at trampolines in general movement, you can achieve it within 5 to 10 minutes. But, if you aren’t that good on trampolines, it will take you a while

How many backflips can you do in one jump on the trampoline?

This depends on the skill of jumpers. Just practicing a couple of days, you can do 2 or 3 backflips consecutively in one flip.

How to get over backflip fear trampoline?

When you learn the very basic tricks like backdrop, you will be confident to make a backflip. So practice backdrop first in soft block or jump surface.

What are the most consecutive flips done on a trampoline?

The most consecutive flips done on a trampoline is the Backflip.

What is the world record for most backflips in a row on a trampoline?

The current Guinness world record for backflips is 36 in a minute.
But, a 5-year girl did 6o+ backflips in just 40 seconds in 2020.


If you want to learn backflips It is important to learn different basic skills before starting out, this will help you to boost your confidence and increase your morale. You may also need an instructor and a well-organized trampoline with all safety measures available to avoid injuries.

Backflips are the most challenging stunt on a trampoline, but they can also be among the most rewarding. They require extreme upper body strength and flexibility to pull off. However, if you follow this step-by-step guide, you’re sure to master backflipping in no time!

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