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What To Wear To A Trampoline Park


Whether you’re looking for a way to beat the heat or want a fun activity for your kids, trampoline parks are about as good as it gets.

When we think of trampoline parks, we immediately imagine jumping on air-filled mattresses and throwing backflips into pits of foam blocks. But what do you wear to one? And what should you bring with you? Here are some answers to common questions about fashion at trampoline parks.

Dress Code for trampoline parks

What should you wear to a trampoline park?

Many people have asked us that question, and it’s a good one. Trampoline parks are taking the world by storm, so it’s important to know what to wear on any given day. Whether you’re going on an interview with a prospective employer or having lunch with friends before meeting up at the trampoline park after work, there are plenty of occasions where dressing appropriately is critical.

Let’s go through some examples.

What to wear to a trampoline park date.

When picking out what to wear for your date, it’s essential to think about what you want to do and how much movement you will be doing.

 If you plan on jumping around a lot, make sure that the clothes are not too tight or loose. If they are too loose, they will get caught in the springs and can cause a severe injury. Also, if they are too loose, they could get caught on something, causing damage.

 So make sure that whatever clothing choices you make have enough room in them so that they don’t restrict any movement while still covering up all your vital areas (for example, legs).

Additionally, when choosing to clothe for this type of activity, it may be beneficial to find pants with elastic waistbands instead of buttons or zippers because these types of fasteners tend to come undone easily when climbing over fences which could result in some embarrassing situations for both parties involved especially if there were other people nearby who saw it happen.

Also, remember how warm/cool outside temperatures may be depending on where exactly this trampoline park location is located.

What to wear to a trampoline park interview.

When you’re going in for the trampoline park interview, it is essential to wear something comfortable and breathable. I recommend wearing something that is not too baggy, not too tight, and not too short.

Also, remember that you will be jumping around on a trampoline, so avoid wearing anything too long or revealing.

Wearing comfortable and loose-fitting clothes is essential for your safety. Loose clothes help avoid long sleeves twisting or getting caught in the trampoline netting. T-shirts, shorts, and leggings are ideal options for your visit.

When it comes to shoes, tennis shoes are best as they offer the most comfort while still providing a good grip on the jumping surface. For example, you may want to wear sandals or flip-flops if you spend much of your time in the park playing dodgeball or basketball because they provide excellent support and stability when running around slippery surfaces like grass or concrete floors.

If you’re concerned about getting dirty (although we don’t recommend this), consider wearing a pair of jeans instead of shorts so that your pants can be washed off easily after a few hours at the park without worrying about ruining them entirely.

As far as clothing goes, make sure whatever look you choose doesn’t compromise safety by exposing skin through holes or gaps where objects could get caught easily.

Such as necklines that sit too low against the chest area, which could cause harm should someone grab onto them unexpectedly during playtime activities like double jumping/diving into foam pits.

And please remember – no baggy clothing allowed either; keep everything snug fitting around wrists where possible, so there aren’t any unnecessary cuts caused by having too much space between fabric layers.

Can I wear jeans to a trampoline park?

If you want to be comfortable and confident in your trampoline park attire, jeans are the way to go. They’re sturdy and durable, so they’ll keep up with whatever you throw at them (literally). If your trampoline park has a foam pit, jeans will do well there too.

They’re super versatile, too. Jeans can be paired with different tops and shoes, and you can use them as a base layer under another pair of pants if it gets cold out.

Full-length leggings are the best for protecting your legs from scrapes.

They’re also good at keeping you warm, as they can be made from various materials, including cotton, lycra, or neoprene (the same material used in wetsuits).

These materials are stretchy and move with you as you jump around on the trampolines.

While knee pads will protect your knees if they hit the floor, full-length leggings will cover more surface area and help preserve other sites that might get injured through regular use of the trampoline park.

Can I wear shorts to a trampoline park?

You’ve got to be ready to roll when you hit the trampoline park. The golden rule of trampoline parks is that you should wear comfortable and safe clothes. This means no sandals or high heels (they can get caught in the springs)  and no shorts.

This is because it’s easier to get hurt if your legs are exposed while bouncing around on a trampoline.

 If your shorts ride up when you jump, then there’s nothing stopping a spring from getting caught in them and potentially ripping off a critical joint.

Similarly, if your shorts are too short or tight, they could also be caught in the springs and cause significant damage to any part of your body they come into contact with.

And yes—we know that shorts look great on everyone who wears them, but please don’t wear them at trampoline parks.

What type of shoes should I wear at a trampoline park?

The most important thing to remember is that your shoes should have a good grip. That way, you will not slip on the trampolines.

You also want to wear comfortable and easy shoes to run in if you need to. It is better if they are not slippery because that could cause an injury and ruin the fun of jumping everywhere.

It’s essential to wear shoes that fit well and stay on your feet. Wearing the wrong type of shoe can cause severe injuries in a trampoline park.

It would be best if you considered the following options then:

  • Your shoes should be comfortable and easy to put on and take off so that time isn’t wasted adjusting them when jumping into your next move or trying out different activities at the park.
  • Shoes with slippery soles can make it more difficult for you to land safely after jumping from one platform to another—the last thing you want is an injury. The best way around this? Wear non-slip sneakers instead. They’ll give you better traction and protection against any debris that might get caught between your toes.
  • Flat shoes such as sneakers, trainers, or pumps will be the most comfortable and provide the best support.
  • Heels are not ideal for jumping and can cause you to lose your balance if you do decide to wear them. You can still wear platforms if you want them, but they should be low, at least 2 inches high, or even better, completely flat.
  • Flip flops are also an option, although I would recommend avoiding this if possible as they offer very little support for your feet – especially the sole of your foot which takes all of the impacts when doing tricks on trampolines.

Is it OK to wear jewelry to a trampoline park?

Yes, it’s OK to wear jewelry at a trampoline park. While you have to be careful with any loose items that could get caught in the trampolines if they’re not firmly attached (such as earrings), the chance of that happening is rare.

 If you have a ring or watch on your hand, make sure it’s not too tight; if it gets caught on something and pulls off, that could hurt.

What to wear to Gravity trampoline park.

You want to make sure that you’re wearing comfortable clothes, but also ones that can move with you. For example, if you’re planning on doing flips and tricks at the park, it’s best to wear clothing that isn’t too loose or large.

You should also be aware that certain types of clothing may not be allowed in the trampoline park. For instance, shorts need to be above the knee, and shirts should have sleeves (no tank tops).

The other thing I’d like to mention is Socks. Wear socks on your feet. The trampolines at these parks can be very rough, so it’s essential to wear thick-soled shoes like sneakers or boots if possible. Otherwise, try wearing long socks over your legs and shoes.

  • Wear shirts with sleeves on your arms and chest area; button-down shirts work well for this purpose because they stay put even when jumping around.
  • Wear jeans or sweatpants around the knees; even though these tend not to be very fashionable styles right now, they’ll help protect those delicate joints from injury in case if someone bumps into them while jumping around.
  • If possible (and nobody is looking), try putting a helmet on top of your kid’s head before leaving home (you can find these at Amazon if needed).

If you are going with kids to the trampoline park

Whether you are going with kids or not, it is a good idea to wear something easy to spot and bright so they can find you easily if they lose sight of you in a crowd of people.

If you are going with children, I would recommend wearing bright clothing, a colorful hat, backpack, jewelry, and shoes as well as socks and gloves.

Comfortable and fitted clothes work best at a trampoline park.

When you’re going to be playing on trampolines, you want to wear clothes that will allow you to jump higher and land more efficiently.

If your clothing is too loose, it can catch on the trampoline or get tangled up in other people’s legs. The best-fitting clothes also allow for a full range of motion so that everyone can do their best tricks without worrying about ripping their pants or getting stuck mid-air.

Comfortable clothing is necessary because when we’re having fun, we need our bodies to feel good so they can move freely.

If something feels constricting or uncomfortable while playing at a park, it might make people less likely to have fun over time because they aren’t focused on having a great time anymore. -This means less time spent at the park, which means less money spent on food/drinks.


After reading this article, we hope you feel better prepared for your next trip to a trampoline park. As you can see from the tips we shared with you, it’s all about comfort and keeping things simple.

 We know the importance of looking good and feeling confident in any situation. There’s no need to spend money on fancy clothes or shoes when comfortable items that fit well will work just fine. Now go out there and have fun at your favorite trampoline park.

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