How Much Weight Can A Trampoline Hold? – The Answer Is Shocking.

(Last Updated On: October 16, 2021)

Trampoline safety is a very important topic for parents and caretakers. Not only can jumping on a trampoline be fun, it also serves as excellent exercise and is great for your child’s balance and coordination. But how much weight can a trampoline hold? There are some things to consider when looking at the maximum weight that a trampoline can handle.

If you’re planning to purchase a trampoline for your kids, then you might be wondering how much weight that it can hold. The amount of weight that a trampoline can hold varies based on the size and brand of the trampoline. A trampoline can hold a lot of weight. It’s actually designed to do that, but not many people realize the exact number.

First of all, you have to understand that there are different types of trampolines. There are indoor and outdoor ones, small or large ones, round or rectangular ones… The type you choose will determine how big it is and what kind of pressure it can take. But the main thing is that the weight a trampoline can hold is dependent on three things;

  1. The Frame
  2. The Mat
  3. The Spring
How Much Weight Can A Trampoline Hold? - The Answer Is Shocking.

The Trampoline Frame

The trampoline frame is an important component of a trampoline and one of the most important factors in determining the weight a trampoline can hold and support. Most trampoline frames are made up of galvanized steel that is highly durable and offers protection against rust and corrosion. This galvanized steel helps securely the trampoline on the ground providing the necessary support required while your kids jump on it.

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The Trampoline Mat

The trampoline mat is an essential component of a trampoline and supports the weight of your kids while they bounce on it. It is made up of polypropylene material that is not only durable and waterproof but also UV resistant which helps prevent it from being weakened by the harmful rays of the sun.

More layers can be added to the trampoline and this increases the weight limit but may reduce the flexibility so we must be careful increasing the layers as what is a trampoline mat without its terrific bounce ability.

The Trampoline Spring

The trampoline spring like the trampoline frame is made up of galvanized steel that expands and compresses as you bounce on them. They are long-lasting although may not perform at optimum capacity with time.

What happens if you exceed the weight limit on a trampoline?

If the weight is bigger than what the trampoline can carry, the trampoline spring may break, and/or the mat may shatter. Trampolines for kids are designed to not carry more than 200pounds while that for toddlers can support not more than 50pounds. If the trampoline shatters as a result of exceeding the weight limit, it may result in an accident and you may lose your warranty. To be safe and keep your kids also safe, you need to know the weight limit of the trampoline you are buying.

Trampoline Weight Capacity by Size

You are ready to buy a trampoline and the brand you want to buy is dangling your choice trampoline weight limit in front of you but you are looking for one with a better weight limit. Although you should not that the smaller the size of a trampoline, the less the weight it can carry.

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There are some questions you need to ask yourself before considering the best fit trampoline weight limit;

  1. The individuals using the trampoline, hold old are they as age is directly proportional to weight in so many occasions.
  2. How much do they weigh; the more they weigh then higher trampoline weight limit has to be put into consideration.
  3. How many kids will be bouncing on the trampoline at once; the golden rule is one child per time but you might have more than one kids and one day, they might jump at the trampoline at once playfully.

With these three considerations, you will be better armed to choose the trampoline with a fitting weight limit compared to someone who just swiped her cards and bought one without due research. We will attempt to answer different size trampolines and the weight they can hold.

After calculating the weight they will be jumping on the trampoline, multiply it by two to get an ideal weight limit trampoline that you should buy. This is my rule of thumb.

Maximum Weight that can be heldTrampoline Size / Style / Shape
60 pound36 inch Bouncer
100 poundsAll Other Sized Bouncers
100 pound7 ft Round
175 pound8 ft Round
175 pound10 ft Round
250 pound12 ft Round
300 pound14 ft Round
350 pound15 ft Round
350 pound16 ft Oval
400 pound17 ft Oval
250 pound12 ft Square
250 pound13 ft Square
350 pound14. ft Square
250 pound15 ft Square
350 pound16 ft Square
250 pound14 ft Rectangle
300 pound15 ft Rectangle
400 pound17 ft Rectangle

Trampoline weight capacity by Shape

Trampolines come in different shapes. They may be round, square, oval or rectangle. As the shapes are different so is the capacity to redistribute weight and hence its weight capacity.

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Round trampolines tend to have a weight limit of 220 pounds although there are some round trampolines that have higher weight limits. A rectangular trampoline can support more weight than a standard round trampoline because they are made from better trampoline materials and redistributes the weight much better.

Different factors come into play when considering trampoline weight limit and it is important it is put into consideration to have an accident free trampoline experience.

FAQ about Trampoline and Weight Limit

Do trampolines have weight limits?

Yes, all trampolines have weight limits. This to to better guide you on the acceptable weight on the trampoline.

What is a trampoline weight limit?

Trampoline weight limit is the weight limit beyond which a trampoline may shatter.

Are trampoline weight limits per person?

Trampolines have two categories of weight limit. There are trampolines that the weight limit is per person and there are trampolines that the weight limit per time on the trampolines.

Are trampoline weight limits accurate?

Yes, to a very large extent, trampoline weight limits are accurate and depicts the weight at which if placed on the trampoline may lead to its shattering.

Do trampoline weight limits matter?

Yes, trampoline weight limits matter as you do not want to expose yourself to accidents while jumping on a trampoline at a weight beyond its limit.

What is the maximum weight a trampoline can take?

  • A 8ft trampoline has a weight limit of 150pounds
  • A 10ft trampoline has a weight limit of 220pounds
  • A 12ft trampoline has a weight limit of 300pounds
  • A 14ft trampoline has a weight limit of about 300pounds
  • Those are the weight a trampoline can really hold. A trampoline of 15ft-16ft can support a weight of 400pounds and holds the most weight.

    Can you increase trampoline weight limit?

    To increase trampoline weight limit will mean changing the trampoline set entirely.

    How much weight can a mini or small trampoline hold?

    The weight limit of a mini or small trampoline is dependent on who it is made for. Mini trampolines made for kids may have a weight limit of about 150 pounds

    Conclusion: If you’re in the market for a new trampoline, it’s important to know how much weight it can hold. If your family is large or you have several children that like to jump at once, then you’ll want to make sure that your trampoline can handle their combined weight. Luckily, most trampolines come with safety features built-in so you don’t have to worry too much about accidents.

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