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The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Grass and Trampoline

No one wants to go outside. No, really – no one. It’s too hot, it’s too cold, it’s raining and you have the sniffles so bad that your nose is running like a faucet from all the tissue papers you’ve used up on this nasty head cold of yours…oh wait, I forgot about those kids out there! Kids are just born with some sort of innate sense of adventure that makes them want to do anything and everything they can in order to get dirty.

If you’re an outdoor parent like me then Artificial Grass and Trampoline might be your new best friends because we know how hard it is to keep our kiddos entertained during these long summer days when we’re stuck inside most of the time. Artificial Grass and Trampoline are just what you need to give your kids that outdoor playground they deserve, but don’t have room for in their backyards or living rooms!

Nowadays Artificial Grass is not only a good investment because it saves money on water bills (thanks to the California drought), but also an environmentally friendly option for those of us who want to save the planet but find it hard to do so inside our own living rooms.

Artificial Grass and Trampoline are not only good for kids, but it’s also a great option for adults too! I know my husband thinks he has the best job in the world because he gets paid just to sit around all day outside doing work. Artificial Grass can be installed in your backyard as well, so there’s no need to feel like you’re missing out on enjoying the outdoors this summer!

In this article, we will attempt to answer every question about using a trampoline on artificial grass but first;

trampoline and artificial grass

Can you put a trampoline on artificial grass?

Artificial Grass can be used in place of natural grass and will never need to be watered, fertilized, or mowed. Isn’t that stress-free and just perfect?

Benefits of using Artificial Grass with Trampoline

  • It will last a lifetime so you don’t have to worry about maintenance costs.
  • You can also avoid any injury your kids may get by slipping on wet grass with an artificial lawn.
  • Artificial turf is water resistant and will withstand all sorts of weather conditions.

Will Trampoline Ruin Artificial Grass?

Trampoline will not damage your artificial grass and it is perfectly fine to have your trampoline on top of your artificial grass. As long as the trampoline is properly installed and a lawn pad installed directly underneath the artificial grass, you have nothing to fear about concerning your artificial grass getting ruined or damaged.

5 Steps to take to make sure the Trampoline does not ruin your artificial grass

  • Does the Trampoline have sharp legs: If your trampoline has sharp legs, it is recommended that it is matted down to prevent the trampoline from digging into the artificial grass. Although most trampolines do not have sharp legs.
  • Install Lawn Pads underneath the artificial grass: Lawn Pads absorb shock and make the base of anything placed on the grass stay comfortably, trampoline inclusive. This may be an additional expense but it is worth it especially if you have kids to make that space safe for them.
  • The Area should be big enough: Having a trampoline in a tight space is not safe as it may be an accident-prone area. So when installing a trampoline on artificial grass, make sure that the area is big enough and has space.
  • Meet a Proper Installer: Haphazard installation of the trampoline on artificial grass might just ruin the artificial grass but when properly done, it won’t ruin it. So make sure you find a proper installer.
  • Get a Brush: Some days, you will like to move the trampoline away from the initial spot and may discover that the area where the legs of the trampoline rested on the artificial grasses has flattened. Gentle brushing of that area will bring the grass to shape. So why not get a brush.
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Trampoline Artificial Grass Mat

It is easy to avoid the death of real grass and protect your trampoline from any hard surfaces like concrete by purchasing a trampoline artificial grass mat. This can help create a grass-like illusion and will not require any of the actual work required in maintaining real grass. A grass mat is also easy to maintain, and you don’t have any need for drainage. A simple garden hose is all that is required to clean a grass mat. It is a good idea to shop around before you decide on a purchase. There are many options for artificial grass mats for trampolines. They can be found in many sizes, so you should not have trouble finding the one that fits your lawn.

How to anchor a trampoline on artificial grass?

There are 5 steps involved in anchoring trampoline on artificial grass and the steps are extremely important and teach you how to secure a trampoline on artificial grass
The steps involved in securing a trampoline on artificial grass are;

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Step 1: Make sure that the artificial grass has been safely installed.
Step 2: Lay out the stakes and straps
Step 3: Anchor the stakes to the ground with the artificial grass.
Step 4: Thread the strap over the legs of the trampoline.
Step 5: Repeat Steps 2-3 with each stake.

Sunken trampoline on artificial grass

Sunken trampolines look fantastic, aren’t so high above the ground, and don’t have any unsightly safety wire. Sunken trampolines are easier to maintain than nets that can be costly to replace. Sunken trampolines on artificial grass greatly reduce the risk of your children falling. Artificial grass is often used in combination with sunken trampolines. This is because it is soft and durable. When properly installed, the risk of trip hazards at the trampoline exit is reduced.

Artificial grass under the trampoline

You can actually put artificial grass under a trampoline. This is an excellent way to save time and avoid having to maintain real grass. A patch of artificial turf is the best way to avoid watching your trampoline destroy the grass. Although putting a trampoline onto synthetic grass will require you to buy the artificial grass for the trampoline, it is definitely worth it in the long run.

It seems that Artificial Grass used in combination with Trampoline is the perfect solution for everyone with kids – Outdoor Parent or not. The benefits of Artificial Grass go on and on, so make Artificial Grass part of your family today!

Watch how the Restoration Couple installed artificial grass for their trampoline;


Artificial Grass and Trampoline can be installed in your backyard as well, so there’s no need to feel like you’re missing out on enjoying the outdoors this summer. Artificial grass is not only good for kids but also a great option for adults too!

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