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How To Stop Static Shock On Trampolines: A Simple Guide.

To many, uncertainty hovers over what causes static electricity on trampolines. And only a few could figure out exactly how to stop static shock on trampolines as this knowledge is not quite easy to come by.

Static electricity generated on trampoline

This article will clarify the causation factors and highlight-worthy keynotes to give a better understanding.

Trampoline exercises are arguably one of the best, most convenient, and most enjoyable ways that help in no small way boost cardiovascular health. They also bring about improvement in endurance, stress, and tension relief. They help develop motor skills, better balance, and good enough coordination.

As much as there are positive effects on its usage, there are also some hurdles that range from static electricity to static shock.

Has it ever occurred to you how rubbing a blanket, or balloon on your hand could cause your hair to stand?  This is due to the effect of static electricity—but then—how is this said static electricity made? One may be curious about why it causes the hair to stand.

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Follow me, as, from a place of professionalism, I guide you through. Static electricity simply translates to the buildup of electric charge in an object. And this electricity can sometimes discharge suddenly in a way that can be likened to when a bolt of lightning flashes from the sky.

 Other times, it causes the clinging together of objects. This results from objects having opposite charges—positive and negative—which brings a result of attraction.

What causes static electricity on trampolines?

This is usually primarily caused by dry air when the materials rub against each other. It is a common thing for people to experience static shock if the surface is made up of nylon—a good conductor of electricity—which can in turn cause a static shock.

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How to stop static shock on trampoline

These tips will help you avoid static shock on trampolines.

1. Drink water before jumping; water molecules help to reduce static electricity build-up.

2. Do well to ground yourself with a metal object while jumping. eg, a coin.

3. While it is advisable to wear cotton clothes while jumping because it will have a low probability of transferring electrons to other materials, it is not advisable to wear wool clothing. It should be avoided.

4. Ensure to have your skin moisturized before jumping.

5. Go barefoot while jumping. This is because our socks will help to collect the excess electrons. Another alternative to this is to try it out using different footwear. But if you must jump with shoes on, then try out shoes with a minimal amount of static shock, such as leather-soled shoes.

NOTE: It is imperative to know that synthetic soles are usually the worst to wear to reduce static shock. This is because they are very good conductors of electricity and must not be adopted if we must do it right on how to stop static shock on trampolines.

What not to do on a trampoline with static electricity

Why do trampolines shock you?

As explained above, the rubbing of two materials together can produce a static charge. The charges are then released when the excess of electrons makes a “jump” on other materials.

But then, what material could suffice to use for the production of static on a trampoline?

This is where polypropylene comes in. This is because it becomes negatively charged when it comes together with other materials.  It is one of the most common materials from which trampoline canvas can be made.

Since what causes static shock is the coming inintoontact of two differently charged materials, to make successful static electricity, we’re definitely going to be needing a material that gains a positive charge.

To be precise, wearing wool, silk, or fur clothes would help in doing the “magic” if our canvas is gotten from polypropylene. Besides, positively charged also is our dry skin.

Viewing from another perspective, trampoline manufacturers use Nylon to produce the mat. Since that is a type of material that becomes charged positively, there is the need to go for negatively charged materials—this includes; rubber, vinyl, or polyester.

We would agree that static shock may not be exactly extremely dangerous but can be very much annoying. The fact that it happens when we least expect it is what irritates us the most.

Nonetheless, to have prior knowledge, and to be able to correctly anticipate and take good preventive measures puts us at the advantage to have maximum enjoyment of our trampoline, shock-free.

Electric trampolines are made in such a way that makes them fun and easy to use as they bring the maximum results to expected body parts. Every buyer would want to get value for their money and the manufacturers make sure to bring this to fruition. This cuts across both design and structuring that wouldn’t neglect safety.

A lover of electric trampolines will want to have a detailed description to have knowledge of what he or she is going for.

As there are different people with different tastes, the varying electric trampolines are designed to suit different customers’ desires.

Here are important things you must know about electric trampolines.

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1. Round trampolines

Round trampolines are most probably the common types that are easy to come by. This type is cool to be used outdoors as it comes in varying sizes. One could also see people using this type Indoor, but the use of a mini one will be a common option. There are questions these round trampolines have that you should know and also the circular spring design that aims at lowering the risk of getting hurt. They are designed to always guide you back to the centre as you jump. This eliminates the thought of falling off and gives you a complete focus on having fun.

2. Rectangular trampolines


Rectangular trampolines feel entirely different to jump on compared to the round ones. They have different patterns of bouncing, and professionals prefer this more. People who often compete in gymnastics and other sportsmen and women often go for this rectangular type. It’s cool for people with small spaces as it comes mostly in smaller sizes and could be maneuvered to fit into smaller spaces.

The only disadvantage of this type is that it is expensive relative to the round one. One of the coolest things about it is that it has what professionals call the “sweet spot.” If you want to get a really good bounce into the air, you hit there. An exceptional thing about this also, is its steel frame; makes it safe and delivers maximum fun.

3. Square trampolines

The square trampolines come off as an intermediary between the round one and the rectangular one. They are preferable in most situations and are also quite expensive like the rectangular ones. Its similarity to the round model is the safe experience during use. Depending on the size, it suffices for both indoor and outdoor use. Square trampoline models aren’t quite as costly as the rectangular ones and are also not common.

The type of trampoline you buy depends on what you intend to do with it. But if it’s for the purpose of both training and fun, then this is just perfect. But if you need trampolines just solely for recreational use, the round one will more than suffice.

You will be very likely to get a bigger round trampoline with good weight capacity at a relatively affordable price. Square trampolines aren’t very expensive, they are just not as affordable as the round models.

4. Octagonal trampolines

One of the trampolines whose shape you should be aware of is the octagonal type. Many people prefer this type because of its largeness. It will work just cool such that you can have many people bouncing on it at the same time.

But that does not eliminate the need to pay attention to weight capacity restrictions. The unit that is shown here goes as far as the 450-pound weight limit. This octagonal model allows for tighter and higher bouncing. Always fun to use at family time. But most of these octagonal model targets children as it allows them to play together at once.

Compared to the circular models, octagonal trampolines aren’t quite affordable. If your most important consideration for purchase is a larger surface bouncing space, then this is just perfect. But for a safer experience, round trampolines do it more.

5. Mini trampolines

This type of trampoline is also referred to as fitness trampolines. Many users find it cool owing to the fact that it is multi-purpose. People that use trampolines for gymnastics make use of trampolines for different events; this calls for the need for constant practice which is very important. One thing that makes this trampoline convenient is its ability to fit into a small space due to its size.

For the fact that it comes with a stabilization bar that one can hold during bouncing makes it stand out.

6. Water trampolines

This type of trampoline is used on large natural water bodies. You will often see people using this type together with some type of water slide. We also have some water trampolines that are somewhat similar to the traditional ones we know.

The idea of this type of trampoline is that someone will have to slide down the water slide, and then, back and forth into the trampoline below. While another person lies opposite the side of the trampoline such that he or she gets sprung up into the air by the propelling force caused by the weight of the next person that descends on it. In the process, people are thrown into the water and that is a whole lot of fun.

A core thing to take note of is the danger that lies within, in this case, it’s important to have good swimmers around.


It is very much advisable to strictly pay attention to weight limits while using all types of trampolines according to their variances. No one wants to end up undoing himself.

A pivotal thing to take note of also, are the precautionary measures that seek to eliminate static shock while using the trampolines.

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